My Book

"Buy" One Then Get One "Free"
Our Journey from Infertility to Autism
By: Deidra Darst

So I wrote a book! 

I have always been a writer, using journals and things like that to help myself process things.  After I started my blog, people kept telling me to write a book - so here it is!

About one-third of the book focuses on our fertility struggles, and the other two-thirds focuses on our autism journey.

I hope that my words are relatable and encouraging.  I hope that people also find the book insightful and consider it to be a learning experience.  


Great read! Such a wonderful insight into the personal world of infertility and autism and the struggles, joys, triumphs and learning associated with each. Funny moments in the book will make you laugh out loud and precious moments will make you tear up and hold your family a little closer and be thankful for what you have in life. Recommend this book to everyone not just those with these struggles. For those not experiencing infertility or autism, this book gives an understanding of those that do and what they are faced with everyday and ways that we can lift them up.


This story gives a honest look at how life doesn’t always go as planned. The write tells her tale of infertility and then how an Autism diagnosis changed her life. A good read especially if you’re impacted by either of these topics.


This is a great little book that gives insight to how when one thinks they are in control and God steps in and says wait I am in charge here. Easy to read and very emotional from start to finish. I would recommend it to anyone with either of these struggles.



I just wrote a new children's book!

"Every child is special, I tell you that's true..." Meet our awesome friend Artie: he loves trains, playing chase, and eating pizza. Artie also has autism. Let's appreciate the differences that make each one of us special (and also make us really, really cool).


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