Artie Is Awesome

Artie is Awesome
by: Deidra Darst

Are you looking for a children's book that explains autism in a way that kids can understand?

Do those kids think that boogers and toots are hilarious?

Then look no further!

My children's book, Artie is Awesome, has got you covered!

When my older son started kindergarten, I started to think:

"He is a compassionate kid.  He's understanding, accepting, and patient.  He knows autism because he lives it everyday with his younger brother...but what about his 18 classmates?  Most of them haven't had the opportunity to meet someone with autism."

So Artie was born.  I had a few goals in mind with this book:
  • I wanted to explain autism in a way that kids can understand.  No big fancy words, just plain ol' English.  
  • I wanted to introduce a character who uses an AAC device.
  • I wanted to highlight that every single person in the world has differences.  Differences make us unique, special, and really really cool.
  • I wanted to make autism and AAc use just a normal, every-day, run of the mill thing.  Like, "Oh, he has autism?  He's just like Artie in that book we read!" 
  • I wanted to write a book that made kids laugh so they'd want to share it with their friends

I have some resources that accompany Artie.  You can find some FREE resources on my Teachers Pay Teachers page below: 


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