My name is Deidra.  I'm married to Curtis, and we have two beautiful boys, Finley and Colin.  Finley is smart, compassionate, dramatic, and hilarious.  Colin is sweet, silly, curious, and smart.

Years ago, we went through some fertility struggles.  During that hard season, I wrote.  I wrote a lot. I actually wrote a short book.  I wanted to document everything with the hopes that our journey would help someone else someday.  I shared our story, because it became my testimony.  I felt like I had gone through that horrible ordeal, so that I could help others get through it too.  To this day, I still feel like “an infertile.”  That experience has shaped me more than any other single experience.  Well, until now.  Now I am also “an autism mom.”

So here I am, writing again.  Writing helps me “get it out there,” helps me process my emotions, and helps me feel useful.  I have to preface this by saying:  I AM NOT AN EXPERT.  I do not have all the answers.  I most definitely don’t even have it all together; however, I am a mom who loves her little boy more than I love donuts (and I really love donuts), and we are on this journey together.  I would venture to guess that there is someone else out there who feels exactly the same way.  Unless you hate donuts.  Then you can substitute any sweet treat in that sentence.  But really, if you don’t like donuts, I probably can’t really relate to you, so you should probably just stop reading right now. 

Let us begin with some background.  Our journey really began before Colin was born.  We had undergone fertility treatments with his older brother, Finley.  After he was born, we assumed that we could not get pregnant, we were infertile, after all!  Much to our surprise, we got pregnant on our own when Finley was just four months old!  Colin has been our surprise baby from day one.  This is my story as we begin our "official" autism journey.  

I recently published a book about our story as well, you can find it here.

Feel free to contact me at darstslp@gmail.com 

Remember, always seek professional advice if you have any concerns regarding your child's development...don't self-treat from anything you read on the internet.  Every child is different and requires (and deserves) a treatment plan that has been tailored to fit his or her needs.  

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