Nobody likes to do it, yet here we are.

Waiting for COVID-19 to go away.

Waiting for life to get back to normal.

Waiting, waiting, and waiting some more. 

What if...we stopped waiting...and just started living for right now?

Special needs parenting has taught me this: you can waste so much time waiting:

Waiting for test results. 

Waiting for a diagnosis.

Waiting for words.

We wait because we want. We want that better job. We want that new phone. We want our child to reach their next milestone. We want and we wait. 

And do you know what I have realized? 

When I stopped waiting for things to come and just started enjoying what I had in that moment, my perspective changed. 

I appreciated more. 

I celebrated more.

I smiled more. 

As the great Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote in Hamilton: 

"I am the one thing in life I can control."

I can choose to wait for the life I might have later, or I can choose to live and love the life I have right now. Yes, life looks different right now, but different can be beautiful too. You just have to change your perspective. 


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