A Poem

I'm thankful for you, my Little One.
The day you were born, my heart grew a ton.
I knew you were special, yes, right from the start.
You were ever so perfect, like a great work of art.

As you got bigger, things were hard for you.
You struggled with things that were different or new.
You cried a lot and that made me sad,
I didn't know how you felt, but I guessed it was "bad."

You couldn't tell us what you wanted, I'm sure that was hard.
You tried to run a lot - you almost needed a guard!
Sleep was tough too -
for both me and for you.

You have autism, that was the answer.
That was the reason for your unique manner.
That diagnosis changed someone, you see,
but it wasn't you, Little One, the one who changed was me.

You have taught me so much and changed my perspective:
I'm now more patient, understanding, protective.
I know you aren't broken, you just need more help -
You're sweet and you're smart - the whole world can tell!

I know that you need a little more time
to learn how to play, to read, and to rhyme.
I've learned to be patient and go at your pace,
because your way is perfect, and life isn't a race!

Through you I've learned that we can't compare -
everyone is different - from our our toes to our hair.
No one is the same, no two lives alike -
That's not reason to cry, it will all be all right.

It is my job to look out for you,
I'll fight any battle - I promise that's true.
I'll make sure that you have everything you need.
I'll support you and help you and follow your lead.

You've worked so hard and you've come so far.
You're not a regular kid - you are my Superstar.
You learn new things and blow me away.
You're amazing and wonderful, I just have to say.

You've brought me joy in so many ways,
and for that, all I can do is to give God the praise.
He knew that I needed a child like you-
one who is changing the world (from my point of view).

(c) The SLP Mom


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