It's always been hard for us. 

This week, Colin got to attend his first-ever Vacation Bible School, and he had the best time.

We started off a little rocky on the first night - and that was my fault. I set this standard - this goal - in my head: he was going to attend each little activity.  He would sit.  He would listen.  Well...he didn't do that, and I got frustrated. 

I re-evaluated, and checked my expectations at the door the next night.  We followed his lead.  If he wanted to walk around, then we walked around.  He went to snack, craft, and game time.  We gently pushed him when we could.  Sometimes it took five of us to complete one craft with him, but it got done!

Tonight, I watched him run through the mosh pit that was a bunch of 1st and 2nd graders dancing to the VBS songs.  He wasn't doing the choreography like they were, but he was happy doing his own thing.  My legs were tired from chasing him, my arms were sore from carrying him back to the group for the 50th time tonight, but my heart just had to smile.  He's worked so hard to get here...and I've done a lot of praying. 

So many people came up to me this week to comment on how far he's come, how well he's doing, and to say how much fun he's had this week.  They'll never know how much their words meant to me.  To know that they see him - truly see him - and support him, that means so much.  I think this smile says it all. 

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