I Wish I Could Tell You...

I was organizing photo albums today, and I found this picture wedged between two albums.

Fall 2016. 

Pre-autism diagnosis.

Finley was 3, Colin was 2.

I look at this picture, and I wish a few things…

I wish I could tell that Mama that, yes, something is going on with your baby.  You aren’t crazy, or “reading too much into it,” nor do you “just know too much.” 

That cute little boy with his finger in his mouth – he does indeed have autism. 

And you know what?

It’s okay.

Getting that diagnosis won’t change one single thing about him.  He’s still one of the most amazing human beings ever.  He’s growing and learning new things every day. 

He WILL talk.

He WILL be potty trained. 

He WILL sleep through the night. (Hallelujah!)

He WILL play with his brother.

He WILL do big things.

Nope, that autism diagnosis won’t change a single thing about his awesome little self…but it will change you.

It will make you more understanding.

More compassionate.

More aware.

More outspoken.

His autism diagnosis will inspire you to become the Mama that he needs you to be. 

Autism will bring its own challenges, but with it will come so much good.  There will be hard work, but those hard-earned victories are worth everything.  Your lives will be different from anything you ever imagined, but that’s okay – because a “different life” can still be a “great life.”

It’s autism.  And It’s okay.   


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