Find Your People

I was recently reminded just how important it is to find "your people."

Guys, I have a great support system, I really, really do.  My family cares and helps me.  I have the best friends who support me.  I have church family and coworkers.

They're all great, but I think - as a special needs parent - you need a different type of community.

Because here's the thing:  your mom might be the most wonderful mother ever...but she has never raised a child with specials.

Your best friend might be a true ride-or-die kind of gal who loves your kid like her own...but she has never raised a child who has special needs.

There is just something special about connecting with other moms who "get it."  They are living the special-needs-parenting-life just like you.  They know the daily struggles, the worries, the fears.  They understand that everything (literally e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g) is a battle.  They understand the balancing act you do when you're trying to raise a child on the spectrum AND a neurotypical child.  They, too, are skirting that fine line of "let's expose him to things to give him experiences" and "we don't want to push him too much." They know the work it takes, the dedication you need, and they're also experiencing that exhaustion that only another autism mama would understand....hello, caffeine.  (Please and thank you.)

I've met strangers and the second we find out that we're both autism moms, it's like, "Did we just become best friends?!"  It's an instant bond - a connection formed through our shared experiences.

I've met moms through social media who I consider true friends.  We haven't met in person, we live states away, but I consider them go-to's for advice and comfort.

So go find your people.

Now, I'm not telling you to go find strange people online and try to become their BFF, but I am saying that you need to seek out other parents (just find the cool, safe ones!). It's good for the soul - to connect to others who just get it.

Go find your people.


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