Your Tribe

This is a topic I've written about before:  finding your tribe.  Your people.  The group of people who "just get it."

Something I can say about the autism community:  we have an amazing group of people to call "ours."  We are a group of people who fiercely love our kids and will do anything and everything to help them.  Because of our shared experiences, we also bring something else to the table:  acceptance.

Yesterday, Colin's school had a Christmas party at a local bounce house place.  These types of places usually bring so much stress for me:  can I see both of the boys?  Are they okay?  Are there other kids who aren't paying attention to the little ones and might hurt them?  Is Colin following the rules?

I didn't feel a single one of those emotions yesterday.


Because we were with "our people."  People who understood.  People who didn't bat an eye when a kid sat on the floor and spun in circles.  People who accept kids who are a little different, because their own kid is a little different too.

I stood and watched yesterday, and do you know what I saw?

I saw joy on every kids' face.

I saw parents enjoying their kids.

I just saw regular families, enjoying a party.

I saw acceptance and love.

I heard this question today:

"What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?"

I'd want to make the world look and feel like yesterday's party looked and felt.  Our kids on the spectrum, just having fun, being themselves, and being accepted and loved for it.


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