Thank You, ABA Team

To Colin's ABA team:

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you all eat your weight in turkey and pie today - you deserve it. Have that second or third piece of pie, you know you've earned it!

I wanted to take a little time today to thank you all.  You've only been a part of our lives for about nine months, but you've made such an impact on our little family in that short period of time.

First, I have you all to thank for Colin's amazing progress.  You are in the trenches with us every single day, working tirelessly to help him succeed.  You power through the rough times and celebrate with him in the good times.

I want you to know how much of an impact you're making, because sometimes we forget in the day to day how far we've come.

You have taken a little boy who didn't sit at the table, and you have taught him to sit for long stretches of time.  (Have you ever tried to bathe a cat?  Getting Colin to sit in a chair was a very similar experience about nine months ago.)

You have taken a little boy who only did things that were his idea, and you taught him complete adult-directed tasks.

You have taken a little boy who screamed out of frustration and you have given him a voice.

You have taken a little boy who thought "WAIT" was a bad four letter word, and you have taught him to patiently wait and ENJOY it like it's a game.

You have taken a little boy who was so unsure of himself, and you've given him self-confidence.

You have taken a little boy who was just stuck, and you have taught him how to learn.

You have opened up a whole new world of opportunity to him and to our family.

Just as important as all of those things listed above, you have taken a little boy who could easily be overlooked, or left behind, or ignored, and you have accepted and loved him for who he is.  You see him, truly see him.  You see his sweet personality (and ornery streak), and you see his potential.

Today, I hope that you are proud of the jobs that you do, because they are ever so important to family's like ours.  You have changed the trajectory of my son's life - and that's monumental.  You truly are life-changing ninjas - wear that badge with honor!  Your jobs are so important, and we are forever thankful for you all.


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