Big news!

No, I'm not pregnant.

Why does everyone always assume that's what "big news" means?  (Be honest, you kinda thought that maybe that's what I meant, didn't you?)

No, my big news is this:

My first children's book is now available!

Click here to get your copy: Artie is Awesome

That saying is true, "I thought I would teach my child about the world, but instead I have to teach the world about my child."  So here I am. 

What better time to teach people about autism than when they're young?!  Kids are impressionable, but they are also way smarter and more understanding than most adults give them credit for. 

So I wrote this book to teach little ones about autism using words they understand and situations they can relate to.

I also thought it would be cool for kids like Colin to see a book with a main character who is like them.

This is a rhyming book, because the geek in me loves to read rhyming books best.  Plus, rhyming is great for phonemic awareness and literacy skills! #speechgeek

The illustrations are seriously beautiful and turned out so much better than I imagined.  Get yours on Amazon today!


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