I love writing.

I would say that writing is a passion of mine. I love sharing our story here, and I would write for a living if I could make a living doing it!

People have asked me what motivates me to write posts, and that's it.  I just love doing it.  I love to educate others about autism.  I think God gave me this, and I am meant to do something with it.  I also love hearing from other moms who are going through the same things and having the same thoughts/emotions.  This blog has connected me to several amazing people that I would not have met otherwise.  

I started some social media accounts to go with my blog...but I didn't love doing that.  I didn't love it, because I was doing it for the wrong reasons.  I had created this internal competition between myself and other SLPs/autism moms.  Were my posts as good as theirs?  Did they get more "likes" than me?

So I delete those accounts. 

I was never going to measure up to those perfect IG accounts with their beautiful photos taken with a professional camera and edited with special apps. 

I was not going to have viral Facebook posts that got me thousands of followers overnight.  

When I started this blog, it was only for myself.  After encouragement from close friends, I made it public.  I find joy in writing, so I will keep doing it.  Here, I don't feel pressure to be better than anyone else.  I don't feel less-than because I don't have thousands of followers.  Here, I just do what I do best:  write.  No competition.  No worries. 

Writing helps me process of all the feelings and emotions that go along with this roller coaster ride called autism.  I hopefully reach other parents who need to hear what I have to say.  I hope the general public, those who don't live this autism life, can learn something from my stories. 

"Comparison is the thief of joy."  Theodore Roosevelt

I think knowing our motivation is important.  Why are you doing whatever it is that you do?  Are you doing it to help yourself or others?  Or are you doing it for the "like?"  Are you doing it because you love it?  Or are you doing it because you feel like you it's something you "should" do?

Story telling is a passion of mine, and I hope that shows through my writings.  For that reason, I'll keep sharing here on my blog, but won't be keeping up any social media accounts to go with it.  

Here, I am motivated by son.  I want to educate the world about autism, one story at a time.  I hope to encourage other families to share their stories, to raise awareness and increase acceptance.  

What motivates you?


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