A Giant Step for Our Family

We went out to eat at a restaurant today.

We ate inside the restaurant, not in our car in the parking lot.

Big win.

The boys, my parents, and Mawmaw went to a local buffet restaurant today.  We asked to be seated in a quieter section of the restaurant, and I really think it helped to have fewer distractions.

We sat there for thirty, maybe even forty-five minutes.  Colin never got up out of his seat once!  He just sat and ate.  Eating has been a struggle lately, so this was a big feat in and of itself.

The boys had a good time, and I even had a good time.  That hasn't happened in a restaurant for me in years.  I get so stressed and worried that I cannot let myself enjoy it.  But Colin has been doing so well lately, I was able to relax today.  And just look at these smiles:

Things are getting better.  This time last year, I wondered if they would.  I wondered where we would be now.  In the past, we have stayed home and avoided places like this because it was just too hard - impossible, really.  And here we are now, eating our weight in watermelon (Finn), strawberries  (Colin), and broccoli cheddar soup (me) in a restaurant in public.


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