Spartan, Aroo!

My sons recently completed their first Spartan Kids race. 

At four and five years old, they were the youngest Spartans out there! 

They ran (and sometimes walked) the longer stretches of the course and completed the obstacles like champions.  Crawling through tunnels, splashing through the mud holes, and scaling the cargo net wall, they earned their medals like true Spartan Warriors.

I am extremely proud of both boys, especially my four year old.  He had to work just a little bit harder than the other kids out there, because he has autism.

He is an overcomer, my little Spartan.  He might have been one of the last to finish (because he kept slowing down to watch the adult waves run by!), but he finished the race.  He was able to do everything that other kids did…he just needed a little extra help and encouragement to do it. 

Big brother finished the race first.  After enjoying his complimentary banana, he ran back through the course to help his brother finish too.  I was so proud of him, wanting to help his little brother finish and earn his medal.

Big Brother, proud of his medal

I was also thankful for the Spartan volunteers.  They encouraged my son throughout the obstacle course, and they cheered him on when he was successful.  I hope his life is full of similar experiences:  where people encourage him when he struggles, acknowledge his dedication and hard work, and praise his successes. 

This race wasn't about winning or even finishing within a certain time frame.  It was about finishing the race and having fun.  It was about trying something new and gaining the experience.  I think we accomplished those goals. 

After the race, he just kept smiling and admiring his medal.  He was so proud of it and of himself.  
So Proud

"Earned...not given."  

I'm sure that he will have to work a lot harder in this life, but I also know that he is up for the challenge.  (And we will be right beside you every step of the way, Spartan!)  



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