Haircut Success!!!

Big day for Colin: he got his hair cut at a barber shop today!

Over two years ago, I watched my husband carry my two year old out of a beauty salon following a traumatizing experience. He was red and sweaty.  He looked scared, defeated, downright sick.  He stared off for a few minutes and then fell asleep in the car.  I vowed to not put him through that again, it just wasn't worth it.

For two years, I cut his hair while he napped...then he stopped napping.  We have been cutting his hair at home (with these quiet clippers) for about a month.  We use calm counts that he's learned at ABA therapy, and he has actually started to enjoy it.

Today, Finn went to get his back-to-school cut....and Colin got one too!

He sat on my lap AND wore a cape.  He struggled a little, but no crying, no breath-holding, no screaming.

I am so proud of him. And look how great it turned out!  This is the best hair cut he's ever had.

Big V was amazing.  He showed Colin his stash of popsicles and let him pick which one he wanted. (Colin pointed and said "boo" (blue).  He talked Colin through the whole process. Having someone who was patient and understanding really made all the difference.

And the best part?

I walked out of there with two happy, smiling, handsome boys. (And we won't even talk about how grown up they look!)


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