Lucky 13

Do you see these kids?  17 years ago, they were going to their first high school dance together.  He's a junior.  She's a sophomore.  (I'll let you in on a little secret...she didn't really like him yet...)

See them now?  This was the next summer, 2002.  They're "official."  I'd say they're in love here...and young, oh my goodness, look how young...16 and 18, I believe.

2002: They're at their first band camp together (auxiliary and field commander camp, really).  All the girls from the other schools really liked that cute field commander....but he was taken. ;)

Trip to Niagara Falls with her family...and this big snake:

Fall, 2002: His senior year as field commander, her junior year in the flag/rifle corps.  

Also the same year, Halloween.  Mark Antony and Cleopatra.  Because all the cool kids do "famous couples from history" for Halloween.

Spring Break of his Senior (2003), they're in the Bahamas together on a band trip:

His senior prom....and the $500 dress she just had to have...oh, to be that skinny again!  I should lose weight and try to fit into it again, just for posterity's sake...

Now it's time for her senior prom, 2004....and the Cinderella dress:

2005: Oh, look!  Cinderella married her Prince Charming!  19 and 21 years old:

A few pictures from their college years:

Marshall Football game

Spending their five-year wedding anniversary in Scotland...definitely a trip we should take again: 
                                                           Castle Campbell, in Dollar

Loch Ness

  The Highlands

They went to Outer Banks once....(really wishing we would have taken more trips in the early years of marriage, but college and work called...)

Oh, what's this?!  They're having a baby?!  Second pregnancy....they were hopeful and scared all at the same time.  A lot had happened in the previous year - they thought they would never get to take a picture like this:

That baby has a name:  Finley David.  They had no idea how amazing that little guy was going to be!

He is here!  The heir had arrived, and the next adventure began:  parenthood!!

Oh my goodness?!  What?! Surprise, another baby!  Colin Samuel was on his way!

And the spare to the heir arrived!  Colin Samuel, so much more than a "spare!"

Remember when they became farmers?  

And we can't forget these fun memories:

We have been on a lot of adventures - from dating, to marriage, to parenthood.  From home, to college, to our first house, to our forever home.  From Niagara Falls, to Scotland, to Disney.  I'm excited for what's next!

17 years ago, those two kids had their whole life ahead of them.  They had no idea the adventures that awaited them!  

Thirteen years ago, that 19 year old year girl sure thought she had it all figured out....but God had his own plans on His timetable.  

I'm so glad that you're stuck with me!  

Happy Lucky 13th Anniversary, Curty!

(Also, let's all just stop and take notice of the evolution of my hair - short,long, straight, curly, light, dark - it's been everything!)


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