Thank You, Cara

To my best friend, Cara:

Thank you.

Since you are pregnant and hormonal right now, you might want to stop reading now.

........Okay, so I see you are still here.  So here goes:

You have been my person for so many years now.  I really don't know what I would do without you.  I also might explode if we had to go a day without texting.  That, and we question whether or not the other is still alive if too many hours pass.

You are the first person I confided in when I knew something was up with Colin.  I valued your opinion and I knew I could trust you to be honest with me.  You gave him a developmental test and helped ease my mind (because he came out "within normal limits" at the time).

I can always count on you for advice and your shoulder to cry to on.  You never tell me I'm being ridiculous, but also keep things in perspective for me.

I admire your desire to always better yourself as a therapist.  You are always my first line of questioning when I need help.  I hope your clients know how hard you work to help them.

I always say that Curtis is the smartest person I know, but you rank right up there too.  When it comes to parenting, feeding, therapy, and life in general, you always have the answers.  (Or at least the answers that I agree with too, so that helps!)

You are a mom that I look up to.  Your girls are so blessed to have you.  I love your "girls can do anything boys do" attitude.  You practice what you preach by letting your kids get dirty and make messes.  "You're not a regular mom, you're a cool mom."

Apart from all the sappy stuff, you are for real my spirit animal.  We have the same sense of humor, and I can always count on you for the best memes, gifs, one liners, and comebacks.  Our shared loved of chickens gives a bond like no other...we are the crazy chicken ladies.

I am so thankful that I have been blessed with your friendship.  I also know that you don't love any pictures of yourself alone, so I've fill this post with fun memes and gifs that represent our friendship.

I love you!


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