I feel like I get "preachy" when I talked about the little things being big things around our house.  I thought I'd share some examples from our day to let you see exactly what I mean:

Do you see that picture?  Correction, do you see that beautiful work of art?  My four year old did this at ABA therapy today.  Now, you might look at this and think, " do art projects.  No big deal.  It's not like he's a Picasso...."  and I say, "You shut your mouth!  He's a wonderfully talented artist who is going places....maybe just going to bed here in a few minutes, but hey, that's a place!"

One of his girls (that's what we call his ABA therapists, "his girls," but really, I think he tries to claim every single person who works there, not just the ones who work with him everyday...) walked out today, and I asked if she was working with him, how was he doing?  She had the biggest smile on her face and said that he was doing an art project.

An art project?!  What you talkin' bout, Taylor?!  My boy doesn't (willingly) do art projects!

She said, "Come here, look!"  I snuck in and saw him sitting there with Ciara, willingly and happily doing this art project.  So many good things were happening:  he was sitting at the table, working on a project and ENJOYING himself!

That picture is now proudly displayed in the entryway at his school...see, a masterpiece.  I told ya!

His allergies have attacked him hard core (such is the life a tortured artist, I guess).  I tried to take him straight home and inside today, but he protested and insisted that he go to Grandma and Grandpa's house.  His brother had insisted on a campfire (even though it's in the 90s here today), and Colin can't resist a good campfire.  So they sat by the campfire, drank pop, and then rolled down the hill in the grass cuttings.  (Yay, allergies...)

But this was such a simple, typical little boy moment.  I love moments like this one...except for the itchy, swollen allergy eyes, not so much a fan of that part...

Big things happened today. 


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