ABA Update

I haven't posted much recently with everything going on, so I thought that I would do a quick therapy update!

Colin is doing AMAZING!!!

He is so excited to go to "school" everyday.  He practically runs into the building now!  He even snuck in the other day....which is big, because just two short months ago, everyone knew when Colin arrived (because of the screams echoing in the halls!)

He goes in ready to play, and he steals any therapist that he can find, even if she isn't one of "his" therapists!  He happily takes their hands and tells Mommy, "bye" as he heads in to work.

He is making progress so quickly, I am just so proud of him!

He is now completing the intraverbal "ready.....SET GO!"  Sometimes he does both words on his own!

He is being much more vocal, and getting some good word approximations all the time.

He is getting 100% on tons of new matching activities.

He is doing great with object imitation and starting to be super awesome with motor imitation too!

Overall we see so much improvement at home, from following directions to making requests to playing with his brother. Oh, and SLEEPING ALL NIGHT LONG! There, I probably jinxed it, but I'm so proud of him (and happy for me).

Bottom line, I want to marry ABA.  It's my favorite. 


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