Why I Wrote a Book...

You might be wondering why I decided to write a book....you really might be wondering why I would write about things that are so personal.

Allow me to answer those questions!

I have talked about this before, and I also addressed it in the book.  I feel like I have gone through these tough experiences (infertility and now autism), and these trials have become my testimony.  I know what it is like to live these things day in and day out...it honestly shapes the person that you become.  What good is a testimony if you keep it hidden from the world?!

People kept telling me that I was a good writer, or that I said things that they felt, but were unable to put into words.  I thought, "Okay, maybe this is my sign to just write that book!"

There are things in this book that I'm not proud - infertility took me to some pretty dark places about seven years ago.  Now, I have some bad days with autism...but....the good days FAR outweigh the bad.

I feel that our story is worth sharing, because it might speak to someone who is going through the same trials.  Infertility and autism can be very isolating.  You aren't alone - but I get it - it sometimes feels that way.

I hope that you read this book and learn some things.  Maybe you'll learn how to talk to a friend who struggles to get pregnant.  Maybe you'll learn what to say to the coworker who just had a miscarriage.  Maybe you will gain some insight into the autism world (newsflash: it doesn't just exist during the month of April!).  I hope that you come to accept those with autism and love them for the wonderful people that they are and see them for more than their diagnosis.

Thank you all for reading!  (Clickable link below!)


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