Thank You, Amanda!

This "thank you" is reserved for our photographer!

We have really lucked out in the photo department!  When the boys were younger, we had a great friend who was a photographer.  She captured everything from maternity pictures to Colin's six month pictures.  We moved after that, and traveling to get to her was a stretch.  Kelly was so talented, and I wondered if we would ever find someone else who could tackle the challenge that we presented - two wild boys!

Then we found Amanda.  She is amazing!  Thank Heavens for her patience!  We just got our Easter/4-year-old/5-year-old pictures back and I could not be happier.

First, she is so very patient with Colin.  He is not one to sit still for two seconds, so capturing his beautiful smile is no easy feat!  It takes a lot of coaxing, singing, dancing, and straight-up making fools of ourselves to get his picture!  She might break a sweat chasing down the shot, but she stays calm and collected.  She works with Colin, giving him breaks when needed, and jumps in ready to go when he is ready to go!  She is super understanding of his special needs and always accommodates them.

I'll share these pictures here, and let the photographs speak for themselves.  I always tell that I'll be happy with one picture per session, but she always gets more than that.  She always captures my boys so well, and I see their personalities shining from these photographs:

I take all kinds of pictures with my phone, but there is nothing like having frame-worthy pictures hanging in our home!

Thank you, Amanda! 


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