First Word

                        Colin at one year old and almost 4

Most babies say their first word around 12 months of age.  As I said in my last post, I worried about Finn talking.  When Colin was one, and Finn was two, neither of them had any words.  When Colin was 14 months old, he said, "bye."  I remember my Pawpaw saying, "he's going to talk before Finn does."  I remember having anxiety about that.  What if Colin talked before Finn?  What would that do to Finn's self esteem?

As any good SLP, I badgered Colin constantly to hear that sweet, sweet first word.  When people would leave our house, I could prompt him to wave and say "bye."  He did pretty well for about a week.  Then he just lost interest and stopped saying it.  I really don't think it was a matter of "he's autistic and lost some language."  He just kind of stopped, like he hadn't quite mastered it to begin with.

As I've said, he does have some pop-out words, but nothing that he uses consistently.  If it isn't used consistently with meaning, it doesn't count.  (Sorry, kid, your mom is an SLP.  I'm a tough critic!).

Fast forward to today.  He is just over a month away from his fourth birthday.  I pick him up from his part-day of daycare.  One of his teachers says, "Are you leaving, Colin?"  I say, "Yeah, you better tell Katie bye."  He usually just smiles and waves.

Today, he looks at Katie. Smiles. Waves....and says, "bye."

*Insert all the excitement and all the heart eyes and all the thankfulness in the world*

He said it again to two more people before we left school.  I called my husband, parents, and grandparents on the way home to share Colin's most wonderful news today!

We have a pretty set bed time routine.  Daddy brushes Colin's teeth. Then Colin waves night-night to Daddy, because, well, let's be honest: everyone wants Daddy to leave so Mommy can put them to bed.

Then this happened:

You can see that he had to give 110% effort to get that word out. This boy works hard.  I know it's in there, and he is going to get it out!

I can't put into words how much this means to me.  I'm excited that he said a word, but I'm feeling sentimental because it was also his first "first word" three years ago.   All I have wanted is to hear that sweet little voice say words.  I have prayed for this for years

I admit, I go through periods where my prayer life dies down.  I get busy.  I lose focus.  My mom got me a devotional journal for Christmas.  Just a few days ago, I wrote that I need to place more trust in God's plan.  I also felt led to thank God for the blessings I knew he had in store for me. This is the exact blessing I was thinking of when I prayed that prayer of thanks.  I honestly believe that I needed to exhibit that faith, knowing that "God's got this."   My prayers were answered in this tiny, sweet, precious word.  

You can pray for anything, and if you have faith, you will receive it."  Matthew 21:22


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