Your Village

I whole heartedly believe that God puts people in our lives because we need each other.  I have been extremely blessed to have some amazing people in my life.  My family is very close, and I know that they love my children *almost* as much as I do!

I met most of my tribe through college and work.  My college friends are still around, seven years after we graduated.  We can go months and months without seeing each other, and pick up where we left off. 

My best friend is an OT who I worked with at my first job.  She's my constant. We text everyday.  From seeking advice on parenting to texting each other pop culture memes and t-rex costume videos, I can always count on her to be there for me.

Because I'm a therapist, I have so many other therapists whom I call friend.  I have friends and colleagues whose opinions I trust and value.  They are invaluable to me.

As an early intervention therapist, I have been invited into others' homes.  I had one family in particular that I really connected with. We are now friends, and our children are friends.  She is a mother I look up to.

Early intervention led me to a particular daycare.  After meeting the staff, I decided to take my own boys there.  They are absolutely amazing with Colin, and I couldn't be more grateful for them.

I'm sure you have your own village.  Use them!  Ask for help.  Take them up on offers to help you.  Ask for advice.  Complain to them. Celebrate victories with them.  Don't keep things to yourself.  I really think it helps to have someone to talk to.  You go find yourself a cheerleader.  Find encouragers.  Find good listeners. Find those whose opinions and knowledge you value.  Find someone who gets you, who understands your life right now.  Maybe that's another special needs mom. 

One thing that I have found, no matter what season of life that I'm in, is that I, too, can be that person to someone else.  So your experiences and thoughts are going to help someone else, if you just put yourself out there.  You just may be that special someone to another mom out there, and you don't even know it yet!

I often think that God gave me Colin because I am a therapist, and I would be able to see his needs and know how to help him.  Really though, I think He sent me down the path of speech pathology because he knew Colin and I would need the village I would meet along the way.  He knew what and who we needed long before I ever had a clue!


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