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Greatest Fear

There are a lot of people around me having babies.  That always leads to conversations like, "when I was pregnant..." from everyone who has ever carried a baby.  I have heard a few people say, "I was so scared that I would have an ugly baby.  My worst fear was having an ugly baby."

REALLY?!  Of all of the horrible things that can happen, your greatest fear was an ugly baby?  What about fetal death?  Horrible birth defects that lead to physical and cognitive impairments and various health implications?  Heart defects?  Chromosomal abnormalities?  Some random unknown-unheard-of-affliction that might be special to your child and no doctor has ever seen or heard of it?  I feared everything while I was pregnant with my babies, and I hardly gave a second thought to what they would look like.  My first pregnancy ended in emergency surgery at seven weeks (it was ectopic), so that set me up for worry for any and all pregnancies that followed.

Do you know what my "grea…

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